Summer is just around the corner...

And we some wonderful fragrances to get your senses going and prepare you for a great Australian summer.

We’re enjoying Riberry & River Mint in the office today and our Queensland crew are reminiscing about where they would find Riberry trees to raid up on the Sunshine Coast during the summer months.

Here’s one of our favourite Summer Riberry Chutney recipes:


100g Fresh Riberries
100g Fresh Plums
1 Small Brown Onion
50g Caster Sugar


Pit the plums and macerate in caster sugar for 1 hour, then simmer briefly and puree.
Julienne brown onion and sauté until soft and lightly caramelised.
Add onion and riberries to plum puree and simmer for a few minutes to thicken.
Season with salt and pepper